Klaus Mellenthin Photographer
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"I`m a visual storyteller"

Klaus Mellenthin


As a Berlin-based photographer & director, I`m specialized in reportage, portrait, corporate, celebrity and advertising projects.

Noisy, rudimental, distant locations to most people – this is where I´m fond of working. Unless I´m not engaged to take photographs in the convergence of a photo-studio. Or in lucid landscapes and urban framework.  

My knowledge and can-do attitude enables me - hand in hand with my trusted team - to master just about every photo-production. 

1969 Born. Stuttgart, Germany
1991 Paris, France
1998 - 2002, Barcelona, Spain
2008 - 2011, Paris, France
2012 London, UK
2013 - present, Berlin, Germany


Some of my clients include

AUDI AG, Axel Springer, ASAP, Bertelsmann, Bosch, BILD, CDU, Daimler AG, Ernst & Young, Der Spiegel, easySoft, Festool, Focus Magazin, Handelsblatt, HarperCollins Germany, MISEREOR, National Geographic Germany, PANPOT, RAMP, RTL, Siemens, ThyssenKrupp, SWR


Some of the Agencies include

b_werk, BECC Agency, Brands On Speed, Die Crew, Dorten, Full Moon Communication, JvM, Liganova, L&K, Loup, KolleRebbe, Medienwerk, Panama, Publicis, Superherodesign, WOCOM

Video: Tobi Fritschen / KolleRebbe für Misereor / Ho Chi Minh Town, Vietnam